Szkolenie z zakresu bezpieczeństwa i antyterroryzmu z udziałem funkcjonariuszy Wojewódzkiej Policji i operatorów służb specjalnych

DURATION: 3 hours

COURSE PRICE: Suited individually

At the end of the training each participant receives:

1. Certificate confirming the completion of the course in the field of security and anti-terrorism.

The training is performed by experienced secret service operators and veterans of the missions of Polish Military Contingent from our team who have experience  gained in military  operations  while doing their service during overseas missions  or other military operations.

Due to their active duty for various uniformed services our instructors regularly run courses of similar kinds in their units. Additionally, the members of our team, thanks to their experience gained on foreign missions are able to standarize and upgrade the training programme by comparing the knowledge aquired in real military conditions with the related accompanying risk.

The training programme:

  1. The terrorist threat
  2. Terrorists – their targets, performance and characteristics
  3. The examples of the most frequent terrorist attacks and threats with their analysis and description of behaviour
  4. A terrorist threat – procedure for dealing
  5. Anti-terrorist units – their acting procedures
  6. Active shooter – procedure for dealing
  7. Discussing real combat situations
  8. A practical scenario – the presentation of a simulation of a terrorist attack with the use of pyrotechnic simulation


Below you can find the video material from one of our anti-terrorist simulation which we perform for one of the uniformed High School with the pro-defence organization: a Subdivision of Irregular Activity:

Details & registration:

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