Użycie narzędzia do tamowania krwotoków w czasie szkolenia

DURATION: 8 hours

COURSE PRICE: 229 zł per person

After completing the course each participant receives:

1. A certificate of participation in STOP THE BLEED training course

2. The author’s guide ‘STOP THE BLEED: STAY ALIVE’

STOP THE BLEED is one of the biggest public health campaigns in the USA. Its aim is to train people in the field of stopping massive haemorrhages which are the main reason for soldiers deaths on battlefields and the main cause of deaths that could be prevented.

The training is performed by experienced combat lifesavers and paramedics from our team, who have a considerable experience gained in military operations while doing service during the mission of Polish Military Contingent and during rescue operations within Polish Emergency Medical Services System.

After completing the course its participant is able to successfully stop massive bleeding which results from amputation or an injury with the use of appropriate medical equipment.

The programme of the training course:

  1. Lectures: Haemorrhages, their kinds, hypovolemic shock, the mechanism of injury and wounds.
  2. Introduction to tourniquets type CAT gen.7 and SOFTT-W gen.4: preparation for use
  3. Hands-on practice regarding the use of tourniquets – self-help
  4. Blocking massive bleeding from limbs – practice
  5. Wound packing – haemostatic dressings and stopping the bleeding from hardly accessible places.
  6. Chest penetrating injuries (pneumothorax) – valve and occlusive dressings
  7. Practical scenarios

Details & registration:

+48 537 682 287,