Kącik zdrowia w trakcie mierzenia podstawowych parametrów życiowych

DURATION: No limit

COURSE PRICE: Suited individually

Our company ensures organization of a health corner during Safety Days, medical consultations and medical  examinations  concerning healthy lifestyle during all kinds of events such as picnics or mass events including setting up the health corner desk accompanied by medical rescuers and professional equipment as well as a measurement kit for vital signs.

Thanks to such a consultation desk your employees will have an opportunity to have a medical check-up done and to consult its results with medical resucers and nurses from our team.

Health corner – range of the offer:

  1. Measurement of body weight, water content in the body, body fat index and of BMI.
  2. Blood pressure measurement
  3. Heart rate and saturation measurement
  4. Blood sugar level measurement
  5. Medical interview
  6. Medical consultation
  7. Medical consultancy and consultancy on healthy lifestyle

Details & registration:

+48 537 682 287,