Nauka ratowania życia i udzielania pierwszej pomocy w czasie szkolenia dla dzieci i niemowląt

DURATION: 3 hours

COURSE PRICE: Suited individually

The training is performed by experienced paramedics, an obstetrician and first aid training instructors from our team. We do care about the high quality of the training, the professional approach to each course participant as well as the emphasis on practical training close to real conditions.

The programme of the course includes learning to provide first aid to paediatric patients. We focus here on children and infants as well as various aspects related to life risks and emergency conditions in children.

At the end of the course each participant receives a certificate confirming the completion of a first aid course in pediatrics performed on the basis of the latest regulations of ERC (European Resuscitation Council).

During the course we use the latest equipment and high confidence medical simulators, by means of which we increase the realism of the performed rescue procedures  and at the same time provide the possibility of assessing the quality of resuscitation activities  performed by each training participant with the use of monitoring appliances.

Additionally, during each training session we address specific issues such as:

  1. First aid – law
  2. Personal safety and the safety of the casualty
  3. Rescue patterns and procedures
  4. A successful calling for emergency services by means of emergency call
  5. The basic equipment of the first aid kit.
  6. The psychology of first aid

Details & registration:

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