Szkolenie z zakresu ochrony przeciwpożarowej ze strażakami Państwowej Straży Pożarnej

DURATION: 3 hours (2h evacuation, 1 h training)

COURSE PRICE: Suited individually

Our company provides fire protection and evacuation training courses addressed to educational institutions or our clients companies.

The training is performed by our experienced instructors: firefighters from the State Fire Service, soldiers and paramedics who have huge experience in organizing this kind of training.

The training programme:

  1. The preparation of a scenario of a trial evacuation
  2. A training session for administrative workers and other post holders responsible for the security in educational institutions or companies
  3. Notification of the Chief Commandant of the State Fire Service, the Housing Estate Council, the Provincial Emergency Medical Station and the Municipal Police Headquarters about the training regarding evacuation or fire drills.
  4. The organization of a pyrotechnic simulation (smoke-filling , bang firecrackers, smoke screens)
  5. Discussing the process of evacuation in terms of irregularities and providing the participants with the correct pattern of behaviour
  6. Providing the administrative workers and other post holders responsible for the security in the trained institution with the report of the trial evacuation


The entire evacuation and fire protection process is secured by our instructors – firefighters from the State Fire Service.

Additionally, the whole event is secured by our company paramedics who will guard the participants safety.

Details & registration:

+48 537 682 287,